Grow-It-Yourself Kit


The Grow-It-Yourself (GIY) kit is a convenient tool to combat malnutrition through home consumption, and production, of oyster mushrooms. 

Malnutrition is an intersectional phenomenon caused by lack of education about balanced diets, lack of access to nutrient-rich foods, and poverty.

The GIY kit offers a simple solution. With a little soil and water, families can spawn mushrooms in their home in just 7-10 days. 

Each kit will produce 4 harvests, on average, which supplement regular meals with additional protein, essential amino acids, iron, zinc and other vitamins and minerals.

Oyster mushrooms are also known for anti-cancerous qualities and their cholesterol-reducing affects.

The price of the kit is just 1,500 RWF compared to the 2,400 RWF market value of an equivalent quantity of fresh mushrooms.

NGOs can sign up for our charity program 10% of the proceeds for each GIY kit sold with mention of your organization will be donated back to your cause. Contact to learn more about our GIY-charity program.


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