Of Kigali Farms’ 50 team members, nearly 80% work with raw materials and the technologically-intensive process of substrate production, which occurs in Gicumbi District near the Uganda-Rwanda border. High quality substrate is delivered from Byumba to out-grower farms or to the Kigali Farms headquarters in Kigali.

Kigali Farms agronomists educate potential out-growers- independent businesspeople, cooperatives and associations, and NGO beneficiaries- about the profitability of commercial cultivation, recommended cultivation techniques and answer FAQs.

Out-growers then purchase our substrate tubes according to their physical and financial capacity. They receive continuous extension support throughout the cultivation cycle.

Kigali Farms guarantees the market for all our out-growers, meaning that we promise to buy their production so long as the fresh mushrooms are delivered according to our quality standards.

Out-growers sell us approximately 35% of their production, equating to over 31 million RWF of income generation for farmers from Kigali Farms. We encourage out-growers to cut out us, the middle man, and sell directly to the market so they may widen their margins.

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