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The team at Meze Fresh, a Mexican-Rwandan burrito bar, is enthusiastic about mushrooms in their kitchen and on their plates. Popular demand brought oyster mushrooms to the fresh food line-up nearly a year after Meze Fresh opened its doors. Team members Faith and Linda explain that mushrooms are a necessity for vegetarian customers since mushrooms are their meat substitute, adding significant protein to the fresh vegetables clients order. They estimate that 70% of Meze’s customers order mushrooms, which includes many of the meat eaters too.

What makes Meze Fresh stand apart from other restaurants around Kigali is their unique combination of fresh ingredients and immediate service. Customers customize their own burrito, tacos or salad bowl with beans, rice, seasoned meats, and a variety of vegetables and sauces. Their meal is prepared in an assembly line as they order so they can see exactly what they will consume. Meze Fresh only serves fresh foods prepared the morning they are served, including Kigali Farms oyster mushrooms. Follow them on facebook for more information.

Meze Fresh is located in Kacyiru near the KBC roundabout, across from the Star Times building and Parliament Hotel.

Find Meze Fresh’s oyster mushroom recipe and other mushroom recipes here.

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