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Food Delivery Services in Kigali


Food, glorious food! Kigali has really picked it up in recent years as far as new restaurants and the quality of food goes. So it probably shouldn’t be surprising that the city has also jumped on the food delivery bandwagon (is that a pun? I’m not sure…) and has several businesses offering food delivered right to your door – like in any other country. Although given Kigali’s winding streets, the lack of house addresses (in most cases), and the occasional torrential downpour that stops the city in its tracks, maybe this new trend towards food delivery should be a surprise?

Well I’m not going to question it because I’m into it! Here’s a list of business in Kigali that will delivery yummy things to you. Let me know if I’ve missed anywhere and keep checking back as I continue to add to the list. Mmm…



These guys are an online food ordering and delivery service that have been operating in Kigali since late 2013 and have signed up about 45 restaurants to date. I’ve tried their service a few times and, while they royally screwed up my first order (a pizza from New Cactus which is a five minute drive from my house taking 3 hours… yikes), they got it right the next two times, delivering within the allotted hour. It’s a challenging business model having to deal with Kigali’s notoriously slow service and then coordinate that with moto drivers but it seems like they’re sorting things out and I’ve heard good things about them lately.

Hellofood are one small part of a German company who take proven online business models and introduce them into emerging markets. I’ve partnered with them and whenever you place an order from my websites, I’ll get a small commission per sale. Woop woop! So if you’ve Living in Kigali useful in any way, placing your order through my site is an easy way to say thanks and it doesn’t cost you any extra. Win win! Click on the orange "Order Delivery” buttons on my reviews (and also on Eating in Kigali) and in about two years I might have earned enough for a sandwich.

Once youplace your order onlineyou’ll get a call to confirm and then they’ll place your order with the restaurant, pick it up when it’s ready, and you pay in cash once it arrives.

Phone:0722 553 338



Foodcourtwas started by a Rwandan guy called Mark who works out ofkLaband, while the operation is a lot smaller than Hellofood’s, it’s great that it’s Rwandan and I’d encourage you to support it. And, yes, I feel like a big jerk for partnering with his rival but a girl’s got to make a living. Orders are placed on the website and, while the interface isn’t as slick as Hellofood’s, it still gets it done.

I’ve been told that Foodcourt is quicker and a bit more consistent that Hellofood but, for the moment, they only work with four businesses –Meze Fresh,KGL Fast Food,Rz Manna, andMagda Cafe. But if you happen to crave a burrito or a delicious Rz Manna tuna sandwich then give Mark’s delivery service a go.

Phone:0785 559 899

J. Lynn’s

J. Lynn's

J. Lynn’s is the new name for the popular African Bagel Company that’s been under new ownership since last year. Though the name has changed, they’ve stuck with the same menu and offer bagel sandwiches, salsa, hummus, tortilla chips, doughnuts, cookies, and even frozen pizzas.

These guys are another business not listed on the delivery websites but they offer delivery three times per week for you to collect. So… I guess it’s not really delivery at all but picking your order up at either ISK (Tuesdays), KICS (Wednesdays), or at the US Embassy sure beats heading all the way out to Kicukiro. Plus if you give them a day’s notice and are enough people, you could arrange a delivery to your own office.

You can place an order online by going to their website and following instructions. Or get a hold of one of their menus and give them a call. Weirdly, they seem to still be using the ‘African Bagel Co’ website and email address.

Phone:0786 421 423
More Info:http://www.eatinginkigali.com/j-lynns

Kigali Farms Ltd.

Kigali Farms
If you’re craving mushrooms then you’re in luck because you can have these wonderful fungi delivered straight to your door! No, not those kinds of mushrooms. But they do have dried, fresh, and powdered oyster mushrooms and fresh white button mushrooms are coming soon. Plus they sell artichokes, too! But you can only have these delivered with an order of mushrooms.

They do deliveries from Monday to Saturday, anywhere in Kigali for…free! That’s a damn fine, service. You canorder mushrooms onlineor you can give them a call (or send an SMS) to their sales line 0786 131 463. Easy peasy!

Phone:0787 397 272

Slice & Cakes

Slices & Cakes

Um… cake delivery?? Oh hell yes! This new business doesn’t have a shop but instead takes orders online. I haven’t sampled what looks like deliciousness but once I do I’ll report back. The problem is that delivery costs Rwf 5,000 which, I guess is the cost of a taxi fare and actually a fair price, but it’s a bit too much if I’m just ordering a dozen cupcakes for the sake of trying them out. So, while the website has me drooling, I might have to wait until I have a cake party at my place before I test out the delivery service. Fortunately, pickup is free from their place in Gacuriro.

Phone:0786 501 046

Sol e Luna

Maybe Kigali’s oldest Italian place? Well… I have no idea. But, thanks to quiz on Mondays, it’s probably one of the city’s best known restaurants and most people’s choice for the best pizza in town, including mine. They deliver from noon to 10pm every day except for Mondays due to the quizzy busyness. Check out theSol e Luna menuto see what yummy offerings they can bring you and then give them a call.

Phone:0788 859 593
More Info:http://www.eatinginkigali.com/sol-e-luna



Zaffraan are Kigali’s original food delivery saviour, being the only option in town for a long time. As a result, Sundays spent with a hangover were often also spent with a chicken tikka masala that was lovingly delivered to my door. Well, not always so lovingly, actually… a lot of the time there was a mixed raita explosion along the way which meant fishing my curry from a yoghurty disaster. But they’ve since fixed their spillage issues.

Delivery is free in the Kiyovu area and the charge is reasonable elsewhere. As with everyone else, they come on motos so won’t deliver in the rain. Sometimes the staff is even dressed in their uniform which is a nice touch. Zaffraan aren’t listed on Hellofood or Foodcourt and they don’t have a website so pick up a menu the next time you’re there and stick it to your fridge so avoid having to guess what they have.

Phone:0783 042 504
More Info:http://www.eatinginkigali.com/zaaffran

See more at: http://www.livinginkigali.com/information/food-drink/food-delivery-services-in-kigali/#comment-51001

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