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Papyrus restaurant in Kimihurura is an amazing place to be for time off work! Chef Jean Damascene, with 9 years of experience, pairs with Chef Ethien to prepare tasty European dishes with a special focus on Italian cuisine. The Italian collection features beef stroganoff, which consists of your favorite oyster mushroom, vegetable julienne, mustard and crème fraiche. Likewise, you can also enjoy mushrooms in the chicken stroganoff. A pizza with oyster mushrooms makes the evening enjoyable at the restaurant’s open space eatery.

It is only at Papyrus that you can enjoy the natural quality taste of mushrooms not prepared with gas or an electric cooker, but with a wood-fired brick oven. You also have the opportunity to test your cooking skills at Papyrus by preparing your pizza yourself!

Once you’ve enjoyed your beef stroganoff or mushroom and artichoke pizza, head down to the Papyrus nightclub for a fun night out on the town, or order pastries for takeaway at the onsite bakery.

Papyrus delivers to your door order online or by phone or find Papyrus at KG 672 St, Kimihurura.

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