Our Team

Laurent Demuynck, Founder & CEO

Laurent Demuynck came to Rwanda in 2009 to modernize the mushroom industry and make available mushrooms’ nutritional riches for all Rwandans.

Before founding Kigali Farms, he was previously CEO of Brewery Ommegang, a high-end microbrewery in Upstate New York, crafting authentic Belgian-style ales that were distributed throughout the USA. Before that, Laurent held sales and marketing positions within the internet and medical device industries in the U.S.

Laurent has an MBA from Stanford University, a Master’s in International Relations and a Master’s Degree in Ingénieur Commercial, both from Université Libre de Bruxelles.

Laurent’s favorite mushroom dish: Blended mushroom-beef burger

Connect with Laurent: laurent@kigalifarms.com

Ariane Mukeshimana, Manager of Production and Quality

Ariane Mukeshimana is the director of production and quality for Kigali Farms since she started in July 2012 after having been a Productions Consultant for Kigali Farms for several months.

Her goal is make sure that Kigali Farms’ products are the best in Rwanda and the Great Lakes Region. Ariane is also eager to see Kigali Farms extend its market through manufactured and processed mushroom products in the near future.

Ariane holds an Engineering degree in Industry and Food Safety from Caddi Ayandi, Morocco.

Ariane's favorite mushroom dish: Mushroom Quiche

Connect with Ariane: ariane@kigalifarms.com

Samuel Niyomugabo
, Manager of Outreach and Training

Samuel Niyomugabo is the Manager of Outreach and Training, specializing in education and training mushroom growers. He joined Kigali Farms in June 2011, and has been with the company since.

His goal at Kigali Farms is to develop the mushroom industry through capacity development and by enabling out-growers to make informed entrepreneurial decisions when it comes to their farms.
Sam holds an undergraduate degree in Agriculture, specializing in Crop Production & Horticulture, from the National University of Rwanda.

Sam’s favorite mushroom dish: Mushroom Omelette

Connect with Sam: sam@kigalifarms.com

Florence Mwashimba, Manager of Sales and Marketing

With over 8 years experience in the Sales, Marketing and Customer     Care fields, Florence comes with varied and extensive knowledge from various SMEs and FMCG organisations. 

She will spearhead Kigali Farms' ambition of having its products available 
(both locally and regionally) with an impact that shall see the company as 
a forerunner in the social enterprise and mushroom production sectors.

Florence is from Nairobi, Kenya and has a Bachelor Of Arts degree. 

Florence's favorite mushroom dish: Chicken and Mushroom Quiche.

Connect with Florence: marketing@kigalifarms.com

Pélagie Nyirandikumana, Byumba Farm Manager

Lamberte Mukazana, Accounting

Antoine Nsengimana, Sales Assistant

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