Mushrooms in Kigali!

Mushrooms in Kigali! is a weekly blog dedicated to bringing something new to the table! Watch this space as we share new and exciting changes in Kigali's menus and kitchens!

The team at Meze Fresh, a Mexican-Rwandan burrito bar, is enthusiastic about mushrooms in their kitchen and on their plates.
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Heaven chef Denise Moriba loves the earthy, strong mushroom flavor of Kigali Farms oyster mushrooms and it shows!
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From Togo to Belgium to Rwanda, Kigalians are happy to reap the benefits of Chef Serge's 25 years as the chief of kitchen in Brussels!
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Chef Rico delights ZEN's customers with his vegetarian Thai Soup, featuring oyster mushrooms. 
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Chef Jean Pierre serves oyster mushroom soup alongside several dishes - visit Landstar for dinner on a Friday night for live music and traditional dancing!
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The best (and only) Ethiopian experience in Kigali, visit Lalibela for their daily buffet and try oyster mushrooms Ethiopian style! 
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Committed to fresh ingredients, Papyrus loves Kigali Farm's fresh oyster mushrooms and artichokes on their pizzas, which you can make yourself! Who knew?!
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Chef Emmanuel favors oyster mushrooms because of their rich and complex flavor, and Chez Lando patrons couldn't agree more!
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