Kigali Farms works to help fight chronic malnutrition by providing the foundation of a sound mushroom industry, allowing mushrooms to become a meaningful part of the Rwandan diet.


We think of mushrooms as the forgotten, high-impact crop. Mushrooms require minimal land, lots of fresh weather, high humidity, and grow best with the kind of attention and care women best provide. Most importantly, their nutritional value make them a perfect fit for the traditional Rwandan diet. With these very qualities, mushrooms can equip Rwandans with a crop that is easily grown and consumed.

Today however, they are produced inefficiently and with high costs. Kigali Farms strives to improve mushroom productivity and bring mushrooms within reach of most Rwandan household budgets. We hope to witness mushrooms in Rwanda to be as plentiful as tomatoes, carrots, or bananas.

We envision mushrooms as the most cost-effective source of protein for anyone in Rwanda, one that will provide many Rwandans with opportunities of livelihood earn a new income and a healthier diet, simultaneously tackling food insecurity and malnutrition.

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