Mushrooms are a gift

We believe mushrooms are a miracle of nature and a gift to Rwanda.

Rwanda gives mushrooms an ideal place to live and grow. Its northern hills, set above 1,800m, provide fresh temperatures year-round, and the sort of wet humidity mushrooms love. Rwandan farmers cultivate 50,000 hectares of wheat, and wheat straw is a favorite food of oyster mushrooms.

In return, mushrooms have much to offer to Rwandans. Most Rwandan diets are dominated by starches: rice, cassava, bananas, and potatoes. Enough for energy, but without the key ingredients that make a balanced diet essential to good health. Beans are the principal source of protein, since most people cannot afford meat or fish, and even eggs and milk are expensive.

Oyster mushrooms (Pleurotus ostreatus) are a dietary dream come true. They are rich in protein, but better still, contain all essential amino-acids, those the human body cannot manufacture and must absorb from outside sources. They also provide good amounts of iron, zinc and other minerals as well as various vitamins.

Oyster mushrooms also offer unbeatable yields. One hundred square metres can produce nearly 5 tons of fresh mushrooms a year. No other protein producer - be it animal or plant - can even come close. This means that when land is scarce, mushroom growing is your best choice to extract the most protein from your plot.

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